And he said : “Gather around 4 i shall speak the Truth.” + or – the thg…

“[…] Ik hoop dat dat een gesprek zal zijn met een duidelijke conclusie, waarbij men zegt : “ik ga ermee voor” of “ik stop ermee”. Maar dit soort van publieke kritiek bedrijven, waar je binnenskamers niet over spreekt […], dat verwacht je van politieke tegenstrevers, dat verwacht je toch niet van een politieke medestander ?…


“On ne peut pas avoir deux maîtres : [il faut] se soumettre ou se démettre. »


“And then, at the top of the Holy Mountain, appeared the (former) King of Kings, conquering Viscount Steevie on his proud charger…” (third and final act)



Etienne Davignon, “à n’importe quel prix” !

VP of Suez Tractebel (subsidiary of GDF Suez)

Assigned “mentor” of Belgian princes

and various other past and present responsibilities (too many to mention – detailed list here :

Place du Trône, 1

1000  Brussels

TEL +32 (2) 503.07.80

FAX +32 (2) 503.07.00Étienne.Davignon

“Il n’y a ni bon ni mauvais usage de la liberté d’expression, il n’en existe qu’un usage insuffisant.”

(Raoul Vaneigem in “Rien n’est sacré, tout peut se dire“, Ed. La Découverte, Paris, 2003)

“J.R. Ewing was a fuken amateur !” (acte 2)

“Je wil van Zeebrugge naar Knokke ? ’n Makkie : neem de kusttram tot voorbij Heist, en je bent er !”

“Si vous voulez que la Wallonie bouge, n’esquivez pas le débat !…”

(supplique à l’adresse d’E. Di Rupo, 01/02/06)


Serge Kubla

Bourgmestre de Waterloo / Chef de groupe MR au Parlement wallon

Rue François Libert, 28

1410  Waterloo

TEL. +32 (2) 352.98.23

FAX +32 (2) 353.12.56


En… hoe is die matras nu, Riske de jurist ? Comfortabel genoeg ? Terug naar Ukkel meegenomen ?…

“That’s it, pull on it, bitch, harder !”

Puis vint l’heure de la Purge ! (acte 1)

Ils étaient où, ces gens-là, du temps du “Dolo” ?

Ils étaient où, ces gens-là, du temps des nazis ?

Ils étaient où, ces gens-là, du temps des tueries du Brabant ?

Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin

Château de Maizeret

(via la rue Gouverneur A. Galopin)

5300 Maizeret (Andenne)

Comte Léopold Lippens

Bourgmestre de Knokke-Heist 

Zoutelaan, 248

8300  Knokke-Heist

TEL. +32 (0)50/60.87.19

La démocratie, ça s’achète ! “Un homme, une voix”, c’est pour les ploucs !

La Justice ?…


Melchior Wathelet

Université catholique de Louvain (U.C.L.)

(université sous contrôle du Vatican, par l’entremise de l’archevêché de Maline-Bruxelles)

Collège Thomas More (Faculté de Droit) – Bureau C344

Place Montesquieu, 2

1348  Louvain-la-Neuve

TEL. +32 (0)10/47.47.78

FAX : +32 (0)87/34.05.46

mais aussi…

Université de Liège (U.Lg)

Bâtiment B31

Boulevard du Rectorat, 7

4000  Liège

TEL. +32 (0) 4/ 366.57.27

Alors ministre de la Justice (dans le gouvernement Dehaene I), il a libéré Dutroux en 1992, après seulement trois années d’emprisonnement (sur les 13 années auxquelles le pédophile notoire et connu des services de police avait déjà été condamné, une première fois), lui “permettant”, entre 1995 et 1996, de commettre les autres méfaits que l’on sait. Selon le Werkgroep Morkhoven (association anti-pédophiles), la police est en possession du témoignage du client d’un psychothérapeute auquel celui-ci se serait confié quant à des orgies pédophiles organisées, selon lui, conjointement par Wathelet à Verviers, la ville dont ce dernier était par ailleurs bourgmestre (maire), en 1992. Il se serait agi d’enfants âgés de 8 à 10 ans ! Lorsque ledit “témoin” s’est confié à la police et à la “DASS” locale, il a fait l’objet de menaces et d’intimidations. Faut-il préciser que jamais une enquête n’a été ouverte à ce sujet… Devenu éphémère ministre de la Défense du gouvernement Dehaene II en juin 1995, Roitelet a précipitamment pris la poudre d’escampette pour Luxembourg, où il a été nommé par ledit gouvernement, en septembre de la même année (pour sevices rendus ?), juge à la Cour européenne de Justice.

Belgique = mafia oligarchique !

We are at a crossroads, aren’t we ? (PARENTAL DISGUST NOTE : 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 compliant – NEED BE 18+ TO VIEW THIS POST)

Until the philosophy which holds one race superior
And another inferior
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned, […]

[Me say Injustice, brotha !]

And until there are no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation,
Until the colour of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes,

[Me say No real Democracy !]

And until the basic Human Rights
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race,

[There willa be a billinaires’capitalism !

So Me say : Rebl Yo Ass

Witta Peace Toward Da Needy!!!

Dis a use-fool chaos…]

Cuz’ until that day, the Dream of Lasting Peace,
World Citizenship,
And the Rule of International Morality,
Will remain nothing but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
But never attained …

Ce qui, en un temps t, ne peut être prouvé scientifiquement n’existe-t-il pas ?

Ne peut être considéré scientifique que ce qui a fait l’objet de vérifications répétées, certes, mais pourquoi certaines occurrences récurrentes dans la vie d’un individu, certains phénomènes apparemment inexplicables, ne font-ils même pas, ne fût-ce qu’à titre individuel, l’objet d’étude ? Si certaines évolutions (non de la réalité, mais de la conscience) permettent à l’esprit humain d’ouvrir de nouvelles portes, est-il pertinent de parler de totalitarisme absolu, si ces évolutions se fondent sur le pilier de l’égalité tout aussi absolue entre les femmes et les hommes, et si l’absence (temporaire) d’explication irréfutable permet une palette d’interprétations ?

Comment une société pourrait-elle autre qu’égoïste si son mot d’ordre tacite est de cacher, de refouler, de nier ce qu’il conviendrait, au contraire, de mettre subtilement en partage et en débat ?

Je vous le demande !…

“No tak, dej si péro do zadku” (Put the kids to bed, folks !)

You punished me for telling you my hopes and dreams
I’m breakin’ all the rules I didn’t make
You took my words and made a trap for silly fools
You held me down and tried to make me break

Did I say something wrong?
Oops! I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about sex
(I must have been crazy)
Did I stay too long?
Oops! I didn’t know I couldn’t speak my mind
(What was I thinking?)

And I’m not sorry

(from the blog


If any of you still doubt it, we’re living in a material world, people. Means everything can be bought and sold. And why wouldn’t human beings ? Huh, why, I ask ya ?

Of course, straight porn has been at it for much longer and on a much wider scale, importing “goods” from Eastern European countries for decades, sometimes against their own free will. Over the past years, it even got more and more violent, probably under the impulse of ithyphallic “god” Priape Siffredi himself, able to destroy a woman’s body as well as her personality in less time than what it’d take a regular human individual to get his stick hard, turning what a Dutch writer called in 1805 “het penceel der liefde” into a smoking gun.

A lil’ Viag, a lil’ coke : I’m hard & fuck the rest ! The phenomenon would be interesting to study sociologically : while all men without any prehistoric temperament are forced by the evolution of mentalities to reconsider their role as cock carriers in today’s society, in a couple or in a relationship, porn directors give ’em super-macho Captains Cavemen (check out Gaspar Noé’s “allegorical” contribution to the movie “Destricted” and perhaps you’ll understand what I’m talking about)…

 To be honest, the overall picture of gay porn seems much gentler, which doesn’t imply there’s less competition or that gay porn directors are kind and driven idealists. Far on the contrary, porn is sometimes (often ?) a way for mobs to do some money laundering. After all, there’s a business to be made, and, just as in any other business, it’s gotta go fast and earn cash. In that respect, the cumshot is everything : if one can’t manage to get the juice out, one is fucked !

Here, the same criteria ruling the advertisement world and Hollywood (gorgeous muscled bods, angel faces) apply, and having a biggie is of course a requirement…

Why do these boys accept to perform the most intimate of acts in front of a cam, you ask ? Well, there are various reasons : most of them are students and use porn as a quick way of getting some extra cash (depending on how big and famous the studio is, they can get up to 2000 dollars or even more for a scene), others were gardeners, desk clerks, hairdressers and couldn’t imagine growing old in that job, so they chose something more “fun” to do as a “professional activity”. And since they’re all Adonises anyway, why the hell think too long about it ? A lot of them are even part time escorts as well, sometimes for the porn company they work with. Should we blame them ? The puritans do, arguing about sacred values and what, according to them, God told man (not) to do with his tools.

But, fundamentally, if we agree upon the fact a woman is free to choose what she does with her body, so should a man / boy, too, right, provided he’s old enough and willing, of course… To be old enough means 18 years old in most countries, an age at which most kids don’t have any “conscience of self” yet… they’re not really knowing what they’re involved in, which of course makes it all the more exciting for the average viewer demanding young hard thick cock.

Some of these models are just plain and simple “young, dumb and full of cum“, to use a popular expression. Like all the guys their age, they somehow love taking chances, and, for the love of cash, they’re taking “the game” to a whole new level…

As they’re drop dead gorgeous and all, you wouldn’t believe what these “performers” would do for an extra 500 bucks, for instance plunge their big phat juicy banana into a tight little asshole without any condom – just like dat – stick it back in there after the cumshot, swallow white liquid or take it in their faces, getting double penetrated (a must in straight porn nowadays !), take part in bareback orgies with multiple fuck partners. Yesir, that’s what the market is expecting these days, cuz “wij kicken daarop“…

Try it for yourself next time you cum on your chest or when your hands are dripping with the precious liquid : wait a few minutes before you wash it off (Ladies, as far as you’re concerned, ‘fraid this won’t work unless you’re female squirters, sorry… If you are, hello to you…) : if your skin ain’t irritated, you must be cumming from Mars…

Now, imagine what that does inside one’s pierced intimacy. Then, consider how safe it is to put the péro back in. Then, finally, ask yourself whether you would trust a sex partner you don’t necessarily know – perhaps you’ve never even met him before – especially since HIV tests aren’t even practised by most studios any more. And, even if they would be, they’re not even nominative (Note : the exact same thing is true about straight porn, where seeing a condom is almost like witnessing an appearance of the “virgin” Mary).

You can find these young “stars” all over the world. In Eastern Europe, the “leading countries” undoubtedly are the Czech and Slovak republics, as well as Hungary. In Southern America, beautiful boys from poor neighbourhoods are even asked unthinkable things (like taking 10 “money shots” in the ass). But they have their Western European counterparts, of course, and their center of gravity is London.

In the US, it’s sometimes even more extreme. One particularly sleazy studio producing only bareback (aka condomless) scenes sometimes asks the “models” to take drugs (and I’m not talking about poppers, no, good ol’ GHB…) before they get filmed ! Another one had to close the shop after a wicked murder story : the director (specialized in bareback activities as well), who was responsible for screen testing a boy who was only 17 at the time, was shot (and apparently blackmailed) by another young porn star : Harlow Cuadra is now in prison…

Later, the news reported one of the numerous partners the 17 y/o kid took in his behind died from AIDS… As far as the latter’s concerned, he’s a lucky fella, and he’s still in “the biz”, but no more bareback for him !

Once again, let me say I don’t find ANYTHING offensive about the fact a boy likes to show the world how well he’s shaped. Not so long ago, Andy Warhol, the Campbell soup cans guy, tried to extend the limits of art to porn, too. His favorite model was sexy stud Joe D’Alessandro.

Of course, Warhol was a little subtler : while d’Alessandro was being sucked, the director was filming the latter’s face and facial expressions only : no erect dick in sight ! Like some contemporary (mostly feminist) postporn directors do, perhaps it’s time to rethink “the concept”, emphasizing desire instead of functionality… Maybe it’s also time, not to ban porn from the net (I said no, Ségolène !), but to add some crucial and direct information to the (younger) viewers, which is far from being the case right now…

Erect male nudity is even more provocative and subversive than female one, let’s not deny it. “There’s nothing lighter than a man’s penis : even a thought can lift it up“, famous writer André Gide once wrote. Without puritanism, there’s no need to feel ashamed. But having no shame doesn’t mean not to have any principles !

Peace to all and sortez couverts !

Kiksétyksa donc ?…

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