FLYER “GLOBAL MARIJUANA MARCH / DAY” (05/05/12, also in A’pen, Belgium !!!)

GLOBAL MARIJUANA MARCH / DAY : May 5, 2012 (Facebook account here :

In Antwerp / Antwerpen / Anvers :


“L’idiot du village […], c’est Jésus !” (N. Sarkozy, Pres. RF 2007-2012, live on Comedy Central)

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and culture vet :

KMN Production Presents :

starring Nick Lambrouill & Vanessa Inurb, as the housewife

“Une jouissance littéraire

“Ce gars-là, il parlait comme un livre, il causait comme on respire, j’aime autant vous dire qu’il n’était pas du genre à avoir souvent la langue qui fourchait, à devoir la tourner sept fois dans un sens ou sept fois dans l’autre avant de s’exprimer, tout le monde s’arrêtait pour l’écouter et s’il avait fait de la politique il serait ministre à l’heure qu’il est, je crois même que quand il commençait à raconter quelque chose il ne savait pas exactement ce qu’il allait dire, souvent il devait se mettre à parler pour le seul plaisir de parler et l’histoire suivait tout naturellement(…)”

Et voilà pourquoi l’on commence à lire “La danse du fumiste” pour le seul plaisir de lire, pour le seul plaisir de se laisser emporter par les mots qui s’alignent sur les pages, en une seule et interminable phrase. Le plaisir de se laisser mener en bateau, de se voir amené à prendre des vessies pour des lanternes pour être détrompé quelques pages plus loin par notre “fumiste” des plus moqueurs. Pas d’histoire dans cette “danse du fumiste”, mais des rebondissements à la pelle et des chausses-trappes qui évoquent irrésistiblement les pièges du “Bavard” de Louis-René Des Forêts. Mais contrairement au “Bavard”, le fumiste de Paul Emond ne laisse pas au lecteur le temps de respirer, et on arrive au point d’exclamation final à bout de souffle et en proie au vertige comme après un tour de manège.

A lire pour la pure jouissance de la langue et des mots.”

Source : Free_carabine @

Reporters are hy-ste-ric-al :

” Visiting New Francisco Today, Pres. AMABO had a rather cynical reply to a journalist’s question : « Why the fuck should I care a rat’s hole bout wutchur tellin me, you scumbag. » (Vivien Anapurna, reporting live from where it was said)

Franky King sez : “If I only had one question to Pres. Yzokrass, then I’d probably ask him : 9/11 wasn’t staged, now was it ? So it could happen anywhere. How would Mr. Authority react to that, I ask ?

Thrilling to the last bit…

Behind the scenes of one of the best kept secrets in the world… Real face President Yzokrass revealed. Le Roi est new… Ground Breaking ! ***** (New Francisco Film Weekly)

“Mais chéri, nous aussi on a le droit de prendre un petit peu de bon temps, mon amour  (0)”

Out of the picture soon.

Tomorrow live on Foxy News :

“Behind the scenes of a European Parliament Orgy” – Don’t miss it !

The Arkansas body count : fishes and birds tell us the end is near, people… (LOL)

So, tens of thousands of birds as well as a huge amount of fish end up dead at the very same time, and the « free press » is blaming fireworks ? Come on now…

Both events occurred in Northwest Arkansas, alongside the Arkansas River, as far as the fish are concerned. According to the local Game & Fish Commission, it’s not the first time such a near-Biblical happening is taking place in the area, though the amount of birds and fish found dead was unusually high this time. Why the previous occurrences were deemed normal remains a mystery, however : after all, it’s not because something odd is happening several times in a row it becomes normal, is it ?

Once again, it allows us to witness how gullible most journalists are : feed them so-called information, and they’ll just repeat it like docile parrots.

At first, the New Year’s Eve fireworks were suspected, but fireworks aren’t an Arkansas specialty, are they ? Next time your town decides to celebrate something that way, the first thing you ought to do is go out and check the fish status. Please report your observations back to me, and I’ll swear I’ll put them in a comprehensive “fish / fireworks” database, so as to prevent any such drama from happening again. Personally, I am even in favor of relocating all the fish prior to any fireworks launch.

Whatsoever, perhaps the journalists, after supporting this hypothesis, came to realize themselves how extremely silly it was. So, they imagined a pollutant in the Arkansas River was responsible for the animal massacre. Why this would have affected the birds, they probably haven’t had time to ask themselves : the latter had all probably just eaten too much fish… Furthermore, it seems only a specific category of fish has been a victim of this surreal tragedy. At least, that’s what we’re told…

In a third phase, our Big Brothers from the press imagined a widespread disease, or even massive stress caused by a conjunction of factors, namely severe weather conditions (1), sometimes associated with difficulty to find food, and the fireworks as the icing on the cake. But then why only in Beebe ? Why all the fish died at the same time is left unexplained as well. They must’ve just synchronized watches…

Let’s start with facts, as journalists should :

–          The dead fish were found between Clarksville (2) and Ozark (3), AR.

–          The birds fell from the sky in the town of Beebe (4), AR.

–          Both the fish and the birds died en masse at the same time.

–          The Arkansas River flows along Russelville (1), then Clarksville (from which it’s only a few miles distant), to reach Ozark.

–          Russelville is home to Arkansas’ only nuclear power plant, ANO (Arkansas Nuclear One), a pressurized water reactor owned and operated by the company Entergy.

Now, let’s speculate : as the company found no one willing to stay on duty for New Year’s Eve, they asked Homer Simpson to do the job (Springfield lies in Missouri, not that far away from the “scene of the crime”, as indicated on top of the map.). The latter was so thrilled at the idea he could earn some extra cash to buy Bart his brand new skateboard with, he signed with both hands. Yet, after an improvised poker game with Mr. Burns and a little too much whiskey, Homer fell asleep and failed to detect an important security breach in the reactor’s kernel : the damage was done. Homer was fired but Mr. Burns didn’t inform the public of what had happened. Instead, he hired a communication agency responsible for intoxicating… people, this time. Or perhaps it’s just an Al Qaeda warning : in that case, Jack Bauer should be woken up from his early retirement ASAP.

Anyway, relax, folks : this is all fictitious; it didn’t really happen… or did it ? No way ! Impossible ! We’re living in free countries. So, there must be a rational explanation… After what happened around the Chernobyl cloud [read prior post], the media have learned their lesson, haven’t they ? How could they not have ? Bottom line : nuclear energy is safe, and so are we…

Of course, the latest developments (other birds, from different species, falling massively from the sky in Louisiana and Sweden) lead us to questioning those interpretations, unless there are nuclear power plants in the vicinity of all other locations (which I honestly haven’t been able to check out as yet). Another explanation could then be looked for : an orientation disorder, for instance (2). But this leaves out the fish…

So, whatever the true explanation(s) of this rare phenomenon might be, one thing is sure : we can always rely on the media to keep us well informed…


(1) Severe weather, including heavy rain and a tornado, shook Arkansas during the last days of 2010.

(2) Birds have the faculty of orienting themselves magnetically, an instinct in which polar disposition towards the Sun plays an important part. Should this hypothesis be validated, it could mean a (slight ?) variation in rotation of the Earth and / or of its revolution course around our favorite celestial body, according to scientific data available on the net (though not directly connected to this subject). It could also indicate an unusually high magnetic activity of our mega-light source… Both possibilities could have a huge impact on our understanding of global warming…


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