I’m getting mail and comments from a supposedly 45 y/o American satanist !

To an earlier post regarding child abductions linked to dark cults, a Subrosa Faust (aka Aleister Nacht, author of “Magnum Opus : Secrets of the Inner Sanctum“) replied : “HEAVY……LOL“.

Though his comment might sound simplistic, this is a literate person developing a seemingly rational point of view about Church and belief, as his WP blog (www.aleisternacht.wordpress.com) amply shows (1). An American Breivik ? Mr. Night (“Nacht“, in German) undoubtedly belongs to a fringe of the local jet set, with international connections and a troubled past that has blurred his vision of the world : “I have been lied to and I have suffered, so the whole world must pay the price of that suffering…

PSSSHHHHHH“, says the invisible screen, leading some into the belief that, in order to free oneself from the Church and its sacred principles, one needs to submit to the rules of yet another Church, yet another Lord, yet another Master… “A lord I personify”, Crowley thought. You have to understand, it’s the only way for some of the people who have been deceived by the religious propaganda to ensure some sort of grip on reality, just like (anti-religious) communism itself turned out to be a religion as well. They need power, you see, and they need to keep on believing in a God, even if it’s a twisted one. Without it, they’re nothing but miserable humans… That is why they too are profoundly religious : the first step was so hard for them to make they don’t have the courage to complete the process that would really set them free !

After all, Satan is the Church’s invention, is it not ? As God is supposed to be pure perfection and good, there had to be a contrary principle to hold the balance, a whipping father to scare the kids if you will, the problem being some weak minds took this literally (as other cannibals continue to believe they’re really eating and drinking up Christ when celebrating mass.).

Liberation from Church doctrine therefore can only be obtained by leaving behind both sides of the coin.  Advanced science sold as magic, mass domination needs masked under the pursuit of self-indulgence, rituals by the thousands… The satanists have actually been telling the Church for a little over a hundred years now : “how come you have the monopoly of obscurantism ? We want our share !

An individual hath no need for Satan : he is the sole master of good and evil !


(1) He also manages an anonymous, dazzlingly white (?) YouTube channel viewed by 20 people (all followers ?) since last april and to which none subscribed (www.youtube.com/user/aleisternacht).



“Ad Fundum, zwijn !” (collage, 2011)

P.S. : all episodes available 4 free on YT (tags : QAF US)

http://www.xvideos.com/video193188/the_young_priest (!!! 18 + !!!)

“Paenitentiam agere noxarum suarum cum ex perspicua et aperta Christi institutione homini qui peccaverit initium sit […]”



“Aaahaahaaah… Men !” (collage, 2010)


August 2020

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