– give Ivo Opstelten, its “great architect”, as well as his krew, a pass out of the Dutch government ;

– demand the necessary guarantee from the left-wing parties that the ‘weedpass’ won’t be implemented, certainly not in major cities ;

– respect the Netherlands as foreign visitors and avoid any provocation ;

– lobby our own governments to finally PUT AN END TO THEIR SILLY WAR ON “DRUGS” !!!

BE THERE OR BE SQUARE ! (photographic coverage of last year’s edition here :

We are at a crossroads, aren’t we ? (PARENTAL DISGUST NOTE : 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 compliant – NEED BE 18+ TO VIEW THIS POST)

Until the philosophy which holds one race superior
And another inferior
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned, […]

[Me say Injustice, brotha !]

And until there are no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation,
Until the colour of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes,

[Me say No real Democracy !]

And until the basic Human Rights
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race,

[There willa be a billinaires’capitalism !

So Me say : Rebl Yo Ass

Witta Peace Toward Da Needy!!!

Dis a use-fool chaos…]

Cuz’ until that day, the Dream of Lasting Peace,
World Citizenship,
And the Rule of International Morality,
Will remain nothing but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
But never attained …


… n’est-il point quelque chose de décadent à aller, aujourd’hui, s’extasier devant quelques reliques de ce qu’il faudrait bien, selon les us actuels, appeler des monarques totalitaires de droit prétendument divin (d’où qu’ils soient, au demeurant..), en l’occurrence un pauvre ado instrumentalisé  ?…

ALL @ the CANNABIS LIBERATION DAY – 08/05/11 > A’dam (Westerpark)

We are the politicians ! And, though we are mostly narrow minded perverted suckers chasing glory, fame and euro’s, pathetic creatures with the very same backgrounds and educations, completely disconnected from society but convinced we hold the truth because, after all, despite our fears, our psychological issues and our puppet theatre, we are superior (aren’t we ?), we are gonna tell you what is good for you : nuclear is good for you ! Weed, on the other hand, is bad, very bad !

You see, it’s not from around here : it’s from abroad ! It’s an evil plant used by savages to bring down our Western civilization, based on ego and alcohol.

It pollutes the mind and makes you lose focus on the important things in life : economy, stock exchange, power…

How many kids haven’t committed suicide because of weed ? How many car accidents due to driving under the influence ? How many families destroyed ? How many wars because of it, huh ?

Ganja Weed, they destroy everyday
And harmful things, they want to spray
While Ganja heals, drugs they push on us everyday
On TV they are sponsoring everything…

The herb, it is a part of our environment
You try to take it away and I shall burn you till retirement

You make your laws to come and try prevent it
And you threaten my freedom with your sentence I shall not regret it
I try to testify on its importance
Still you make a man work to import it
But you cannot justify the way you torment
All the people smoking herbs and just enjoying it

Don’t cut down mi herb stock cause mi work so hard to grow the weed so why not let it flourish huh
I can’t just sit back and observe this, no
How dare you take away this gift and make it seem so wrong well I know that you’re confused
Look at the way you treat your brother man who’s never wronged you
How can I make it much more clear to you
We’ll never stop burning herbs, no matter whatcha gonna do

Legalize it and I will advertise it
If ya can see me red eyed, say don’t act surprised at the fact mi smell like high-grade, in mi pocket is a phat sac
Ina mi other pocket is a lighter and a spliff wrap
Wanna hit that, pass it round full circle till it get back
Give thanks and take a breath think about herb and its real impact
You can’t deny the ganja has positive impact
It’ll change the way you live
And take the evil up out your act.”

La tête dans les étoiles

Het atomium (1), symbool van de moderne wetenschap, van ons geloof in de toekomst (in ’58 was dat het atoom…), maar ook van het beste van wat BELGIE, DE BELGEN, te bieden hebben, van wat ze kunnen waarmaken wanneer ze hun krachten bundelen, verwelkomt tot 25 april as. een interactieve, multimodale en interdisciplinaire tentoonstelling over de ruimte, en onze relatie ermee, en dit zowel in de negen intussen wereldbekende bollen (die eveneens als metafoor dienden voor de oorspronkelijke Belgische provincies) als op twee aangrenzende sites.

Hier volgt een fragment van de officiële presentatie :

“Hoe staat het met het heelal en wat weten we vandaag over de geschiedenis ervan? Eindelijk inzicht in de big bang! Hoe werkt ons zonnestelsel? Waarom roept de hemel zoveel existentiële vragen bij ons op? De tentoonstelling COSMOS. Be a Star stelt voor om, met een wetenschappelijke basis, via een pedagogisch en zintuiglijk parcours de 3 dimensies van het heelal te ontdekken: wetenschappelijk, artistiek en filosofisch. De tentoonstelling creëert een dialoog tussen het heelal, de kunst, de wetenschap en de filosofie.” Voor meer inlichtingen, ga naar :

Ce sera l’occasion d’un regard croisé sur le sujet puisque, de son côté, le Museum d’Histoire naturelle de Bruxelles propose, jusqu’au 20 mars prochain, l’exposition “Destination Mars”…

Beam me up, Scotty“… 


(1) zie ook een aantal foto’s van expo ’58 in een vorige post van 08/11/10


April 2020

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