Public health insurance : a guarantee for individual freedom !

In this dawning XXIst century, fear is the strongest universal common denominator. It lies at the basis of the nationalist reflux the entire Western system has to cope with. This reflux explains why, despite media globalization, this year’s presidential election campaigns are permanently focusing on domestic issues instead of drawing parallels with the rest of the world. Dialectics, you see, are not in anymore because they tend to soften government and corporate control over what Marx called “the masses” (but, in this case, one might as easily say the individuals).

New internationalist dialectics might learn us a few things, though : compare the Toulouse killings with the cold blooded murder of Trayvon Martin or the recent massacre in an Oakland university, for instance, and you will obtain a view of the events that is radically different from that allowed by an almost autistic nationalist interpretation.

There is another issue that certainly deserves a global approach : public health care ! The debate about health care reform and whether it should actually be implemented is raging in the US as we write. How could a small insignificant little Gaul from this surreal country called Belgium shed a new light on the subject ?

Over here, we consider freedom is best served through mutual benefit insurance companies. These “mutals”, as we call them, while applying a series of federal guidelines, remain autonomous to a certain extent. In other words, basic coverage is the same for everyone, but marketing isn’t forbidden : if any particular mutual wants to go even further, nothing prevents it from doing so. In this case, “basic” mustn’t be interpreted minimalistically : a visit to a doctor costs about 7 € (9,20 $). Most patrician acts and most (legal) drugs are largely covered (up to 80 % of their cost), even if they occur or are used inside an hospital. To avoid misuse, public authorities, doctors’ representatives and pharmaceutical companies are regularly meeting in order to keep drug prices at an acceptable level.

Even more interesting is the right for every patient / customer to choose ! Christian, socialist, liberal and even neutral mutual benefit insurance companies coexist in Belgium : it takes all sorts to make a world…

But what might such a global insurance cost, you ask ? An individual is fully covered at the rate of 170 € (223,40 $) a year ! Wouldn’t you rather buy a house, a car, your next holiday or your kid’s tuition fee (also much more affordable in our country) than overpay a private insurance company ???… If freedom benefits solely to a set of private companies while being detrimental to the general public, can it still be called freedom ?…

There remains one gap in our health care system, though : it foresees no intervention in the cost of an hospital room. Therefore, the Flemish government (and hopefully the federal government in its trail) is now debating an additional insurance policy to fill said gap.

Still convinced of the supremacy of the old US system ?… Sorry, but intellectual deficiency isn’t part of the contract…

Tell me people, what do you think of a WORLDWIDE WEED WEEK ?!!!

Prive joke feel…

“And then, at the top of the Holy Mountain, appeared the (former) King of Kings, conquering Viscount Steevie on his proud charger…” (third and final act)



Etienne Davignon, “à n’importe quel prix” !

VP of Suez Tractebel (subsidiary of GDF Suez)

Assigned “mentor” of Belgian princes

and various other past and present responsibilities (too many to mention – detailed list here :

Place du Trône, 1

1000  Brussels

TEL +32 (2) 503.07.80

FAX +32 (2) 503.07.00Étienne.Davignon

“Il n’y a ni bon ni mauvais usage de la liberté d’expression, il n’en existe qu’un usage insuffisant.”

(Raoul Vaneigem in “Rien n’est sacré, tout peut se dire“, Ed. La Découverte, Paris, 2003)

Shall the Truth set y’all free once y’all know it ?

We are at a crossroads, aren’t we ? (PARENTAL DISGUST NOTE : 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 compliant – NEED BE 18+ TO VIEW THIS POST)

Until the philosophy which holds one race superior
And another inferior
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned, […]

[Me say Injustice, brotha !]

And until there are no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation,
Until the colour of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes,

[Me say No real Democracy !]

And until the basic Human Rights
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race,

[There willa be a billinaires’capitalism !

So Me say : Rebl Yo Ass

Witta Peace Toward Da Needy!!!

Dis a use-fool chaos…]

Cuz’ until that day, the Dream of Lasting Peace,
World Citizenship,
And the Rule of International Morality,
Will remain nothing but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
But never attained …

WARNING : we, the people, won’t be tolerating rating bureaus much longer !

In december 2010, Standard & Poor’s unilaterally decided to reduce Belgium’s credit rating. The result ?

More than half the Belgian debt is controlled by local players, rich Belgian families and individuals, as well as the general public. Contrary to most other European States, Belgium thus seems somehow protected from the barbarians’ invasions.

Nonetheless, the interests of that debt have to be financed. That’s where the rating bureaus come in : basing their reviews on so-called rational economic parameters, they advise potential debt bonds investors about the level of risk they’re supposed to be taking.

Only : this is pure bullshit, speculation if you prefer… Fitch just anounced its intention to reduce the credit rating once more, due to the political instability our country is currently displaying, and this while our economy seems to be recovering better than that of our European neighbours. So, these rating bureaus are actually playing a political part : entire States – and their most fragile citizens with them, of course – are at the mercy of the decisions they make, favouring the wealthiest as well as the worldwide financial mafia.

When governments elected by the people can’t take the course they want to because a new economic totalitarism doesn’t allow them to make any choice of policy any more, one way or another, the situation becomes real messy… And we won’t have to wait too long for that “prophecy” to materialize !…

Woef ! (Belgian Gay Pride 2011, addendum)




Belgian Gay Pride 2011, Brussels (yet another photographic coverage…)

First of all, let me say I remain puzzled at those “gents” who feel compelled to reaffirm their true heterosexuality at any given time, preferably by spitting their hate on them “vissius, pigheaded fags”. Have they tried it in the past and are they now ashamed of it ? Are they thinking about it each time they let themselves go inside their female partner’s dark and smooth cavern, and do they hate themselves for it, thereby projecting that hate onto an easily identifiable enemy, in order not to get eaten up by their hatred ? God only knows…

Huge crowd this year – the weather was sunny, after all… – no less than 45.000 people (according to the event organizers) marched proudly to affirm they gayness or, in the case of the gay-friendly, their total acceptance of sexual difference.

Well, hellow !

There was a particular focus on gay rights across the globe, mainly in the African countries, most of which remain fiercely opposed to depenalizing (!!!) homosexuality…

In this XXIst century, eight countries are still punishing sodomy between male partners by death !

Reggae (and rap) musicians, spiritual “leaders”, and even heads of States… in some countries and for some people (far too many of them, actually), hating homosexuals is still public policy ! Yet, once again : if one is feeling alright and serene with oneself and one’s own sexuality, how can one in any way feel the urge to express hate towards people who are doing it in a different way but at the same time not trying to impose anything on them ?… or is this too much of a straight forward explanation ?

In (broad) Europe, not every gay or lesbian can claim to “voir la vie en rose” either… The mayor of Moscow (a city where such a parade is still forbidden…), for instance, is particularly verbally agressive towards the homosexuals. The (not so) funny thing is that, all throughout history, the homosexuals have always been depicted as the enemy, the infiltrator from the other side, but even today, in some EU-countries, there are a lot of things preventing from putting an equal sign between gay and rights, despite the fact the latter are supposed to be guaranteed by the European Union !!! Other priorities, I guess…

If there’s a reason to be proud about Belgium (Yes, yes !…), it’s our leadership on ethical issues (not only in this matter) : Belgian gay people are not only allowed to marry, they can adopt a child, too ! To my knowledge, no one has yet reported any case of “fridge frozen babies” in any such families…

By the way, green (French and Dutch-speaking together !) and red were the only represented political colours in the pride… Oh yeah, and a tiny lil’ toucha blue, at the end as well… SO YOU BE A GOOD DOG COME ELECTION DAY !

Not everything is accomplished, though, as the transgender and transexual subcommunity could tell you… But, seriously, what could you refuse such beautiful creatures, I ask ya ?…

Don’t I know you from somewhere ?

You think (s)he’s looking ridiculous, do you ? I don’t… but I do ask myself the following question, though : why the fuck do you care ?

Not as you had imagined, guyz… LOL

Well, mellow !



“Ad Fundum, zwijn !” (collage, 2011)

P.S. : all episodes available 4 free on YT (tags : QAF US) (!!! 18 + !!!)

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